Walking Museum
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Rediscover historical art as Walking Museum brings renowned Flemish 16th-century paintings back to their original locations, immersing visitors in the rich artistic heritage of the past.

Step into Damme, a medieval city near Bruges, and embark on an artistic journey with Walking Museum. Experience the captivating storytelling of local hero Tijl Uilenspiegel through three masterpieces by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, and get ready for the expansion of the walking route in September 2022, featuring seven additional breathtaking paintings.

Experience the enchantment of the Walking Museum App as painted characters come to life through the captivating fusion of AR.
Join over 20,000 satisfied users who have downloaded the Walking Museum app and left positive reviews, as you become part of the acclaimed community experiencing the magic of renowned artworks in their original settings. Visit https://www.walkingmuseum.info for more details.

Expand your exploration and immerse yourself in the extended walking route of Walking Museum, discovering a captivating fusion of art and history across Damme and its surroundings.

Walking Museum
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